Unwanted guests in your home or work space aren’t just eyesores that frighten people. Cockroaches, rodents like mice and rats; fleas and silverfish can spread disease that affects your family’s or co-workers’ health and wellbeing, and can cause damage to your domestic or commercial property.

Expert Pest Control and Termite Services’ specialises in a range of domestic and commercial pest control treatments that start taking effect immediately. We don’t just address the obvious signs (It’s not just a matter of bug spray.), we come up with a proper treatment plan that goes to the root of the situation and prevents it from re-occurring in the future.

Our pest control treatments include:

  • Rodent treatment– We determine the entry points where rodents are finding their way in, and install a variety of baits including boxes and snap traps.
  • Flea treatments -  We apply light sprays on internal floors and sprays on external yards
  • Roof void dusting and baiting
  • Gel treatments in areas where moistures tends to gather
  • Spraying wall exteriors and under eves – from obvious areas to tricky hidden spaces, we have it covered.
  • Internal and external general pest treatments for spiders, silverfish and cockroaches 
When was your last termite inspection?
Contact us to arrange a termite inspection for you in Sydney or Melbourne now.


Also known as white ants, termites feed on damp or rotting wood and plant material. Left untreated, termites can work their way through structures and cause serious corrosive damage that is difficult, time-consuming and costly to repair. For this reason, regular termite inspections conducted by a professional are recommended once a year in Melbourne and Sydney, or twice a year if you live in warmer conditions or have an older property that has a history of termite infestation. This way, proper termite treatments can be administered.